Find.Plan.It's Showtime.

Hong Kong Movie is an iPhone application for all movie-lovers. It aggregates the latest movie information from major cinemas in Hong Kong. It previews seat availability. It serves as a platform where movie-lovers share their views. It is completely free. Download

New Feature Highlights

More Cinemas

Now supports 40+ cinemas including UA, Broadway, MCL and Golden Harvest.

Movie Showtimes

Check when your favorite movies are showing and quick-look on their crowdedness.

Real-time Seat Plan

Show available seats for most show-times. Phone-ticketing is just one touch behind.

More Language

Now supports English user interface and movie information.

Compressed Data Transfer

Zipped data-transfer reduces transfer time, lowers your data cost, and be greener to the Earth.

Offline Caching

Keep browsing movies and check showtimes when you are offline.